The Vocalist Studio Review (Four Pillars of Singing)

I was in search for the best online singing programs on the market. When I came across the Four Pillars of Singing Vocal Program by The Vocalist Studio, I got intrigued.

I have been hearing about Robert Lunte for quite a while now. People have been raving about his innovative teaching techniques. Because of this, I researched deeper about his course, and the reviews got me more intrigued.

That’s why I decided to take The Vocalist Studio full course. In this article, I will share with you my thoughts and comments about the program. I will also talk about its contents as well as Robert Lunte and his teaching methods.

If you want to know more about this vocal training program, continue reading!


What is The Vocalist Studio?

The Vocalist Studio is a voice training studio which offers online courses to vocal athletes and aspiring singer. It is an internationally recognized voice training studio that specializes in teaching voice techniques, voice teachers training, accent training, public speaking, and other vocal-related training courses. The TVS method that The Vocalist Studio is known for its practices in 175 countries around the world.

The Vocalist Studio is known for developing one of the best online courses available today—The Four Pillars of Singing voice training program. This is a program that is developed and taught by the well-known and highly respectable Robert Lunte.


 Who is Robert Lunte?

If you don’t know Robert Lunte, let me give you a low down about this vocal coach.

Let me introduce him by saying that he is a clinician, author, singer, and considered to be one of the best voice coaches in the industry today. Known to many as Maestro Lunte, he is known for bringing innovation to the voice training profession. His goal is to help singers achieve the best singers voice that is capable of having.

He is a Master Trainer with Fire-UP Training, which is a sales training company dedicated to training and coaching keynote speakers and sales teams. He is also an active member of The National Association of Teachers of Singing, The Voice, and The Grammy’s Foundation.

He is also the author of the voice training online course and book called The Four Pillars of Singing. His book has sold over 10,000 copies all over the world. Together with his sponsors, they have held about 65 voice training masterclass in nearly 12 countries.


Benefits of Using The Vocalist Studio

Why do you have to enroll in The Vocalist Studio if you can just simply buy any book on how to sing? As explained by Robert, the training program offers you not only knowledge but a methodology.

What is a methodology? A book can have good ideas but cannot be considered a methodology. When does the content of the book become a methodology? It does so when it has two things. First, it must share unique techniques and ideas. Second, it must utilize these unique techniques to form a system or process on how to study and apply the content.

The Vocalist Studio is known for what they call the tvs method, which offers innovative practices and techniques that have never been taught by other online courses before. And since these ideas are presented in the Four Pillars of Singing book as parts of a process or system, the training methodology is embraced and applied by Robert Lunte himself, his voice coaches, and his vocal athletes.

To sum it up, The Vocalist Studio is known for providing innovative and actionable singing practices.


What is The Four Pillars of Singing Training Program?

Information about the so-called tvs method can be found in the Four Pillars of Singing Training Program. Based on the tvs method, here are the things that this training program can teach you:

  • Seamless bridging of the head and chest voice so you can expand your vocal range without straining.
  • Produce a full convincing sound instead of falsetto sounds.
  • Produce vocal distortion or rasp without vocal damage.
  • Understand how the acoustics of singing works.
  • Learn more about vocal modes.
  • Boost your physical coordination and strength so you can sing better.


What’s included within the Four Pillars of Singing Course?

You may be wondering what you can get when you avail of the Four Pillars of Singing Course? Well, there are plenty! Here are The Vocalist Studio full course components that you will get to enjoy:


More than 500 hours of Audio and Video

The audio and video content that comes with The Vocalist Studio full course has a total of almost 500 hours. All of which are developed to help singers to improve their skills. With the amount of audio and video content that you can find in The Vocalist Studio vocal training program, you are assured that it will cover everything you need to know about singing correctly.

The topics of these contents range from basic singing techniques to training routines to performance tips, and many more!


Lessons and Quizzes

Another thing that these online courses boast of is the number of lessons and quizzes that these contain. You can find over 170 lessons with corresponding quizzes in this program.

The lessons are designed to help singers be familiar with vocal techniques and training routines to improve their singers voice. On the other hand, the quizzes aim to help the student to track and measure their progress.

The good news is there are no specified rules on how to go about the lessons so you are free to choose the one which you would benefit the most from. After going through the lesson, take the quiz so you would determine if you have fully understood the course that you went through.



The TVS Method is known for its comprehensive list of training routines and workouts. The Vocalist Studio full course has 62 vocal training routines that singers and voice athletes can benefit from. There are workouts for all types of voice and pace—slow, medium, and fast speeds. With that in mind, you can indeed find appropriate training regardless of what your skill and speed level is.

Aside from the different paces, some training routines are specifically for men and women. These options are essential to make sure that you will be provided the right activity for the type of singers voice that you have. This is made available to help singers achieve the best singers voice regardless of their gender.


Regular and Constant Updates

When you avail of The Vocalist full course, you can have lifetime access to the TVS method full course. The good news is their content is regularly and continuously updated. This means that you will have access to fresh and new TVS method content (like webinars, articles, lessons, and tutorials) as they come.

It has been noted that The Vocalist Studio full course can help singers improve their singer’s voice within 2 to 6 weeks. With access to new content, you can continuously master and perfect your craft for the many years to come for as long as you should live.

You get all these from just one-time payment!


Great Online Community

This is one component that you can’t find in most online courses in the market. Aside from teaching you the famous TVS method, another benefit that you can get is you will have a family while taking the course.

The Vocalist Studio has over 17,000 active students. All of which have access to the online community that they provide to help singers. This means that you will get to be in a community with 17,000 people who have the same goals as you.

Because of this, you will have a platform where you can share your love for singing. Moreover, you can also get feedback, learn new things, and ask questions from 17,000 people! You can even find Robert Lunte here too!

If you want to make the most out of this online course, it is recommended that you participate in the community’s online forums.


Chat Support

In addition to the online community, you are also given proper customer support when you enroll in this online course. This support comes in the form of real-time chat support. With whom? Can you guess? Well, no other than Robert Lunte himself!

If there’s something you can’t understand about the training routines, or you want some clarifications regarding a specific vocal method, or you are having some issues with the full course, all you need to do is visit the program’s real-time chat feature and Robert will answer your question.


Types of Training Included within The Vocalist Studio Course

What types of training can you learn from this course? Here they are:


Techniques and Myth Busting

The Vocalist Studio course begins with these lessons, which help singers discover the most common singing myths. This is highly helpful, so there would be no confusion before the real singing training starts.

After that, he proceeds on explaining his tried-and-tested singing methods.


TVS Method

In this module, Robert explains how the tvs method works. He also talked about the various training tools that he uses.


Onset Lecture

He also tackles the 8 specialized onset training, which is unique since he developed these himself. The specialized onset training is specifically tailored to the different levels of singing.

The good thing about the onset training is it comes with step by step workflows that helps singers to carry out the techniques correctly. Moreover, it comes with solutions on how to help singers address all potential vocal problems that they may encounter.

Aside from these modules, the training program also covers Physical Modes, Vocal Effects, Acoustic Modes, Training Onsets and Sirens, Training Warm-ups, Training Advanced Demonstrations, and Training Intermediate Demonstrations.


Available Package Options

Based on the full course outline of this singing program, I can say that it is one of the most online courses there are. Aside from that, one of the things that captured my attention is that the course comes in different packages. Here are the available TVS package options that vocal athletes can choose from:


The Vocalist Studio Course

This is the basic full course that a student can go with. In this package, you can already enjoy all the types of inclusions that I have mentioned. To avail of this, you just need to make a one-time payment of $99.

While it is the most basic package of all, you will be happy to know that availing this course entitles you to lifetime access to the regularly updated content of the training,


TVS Course + book

These include lifetime access to the online full course. The added feature is that you will also get to have a hard copy and ebook copy of the Four Pillars of Singing book, a book about vocal training that was written by Robert Lunte.

For this, you need to shell out a one-time payment of $299.


TVS Course & Book + Lessons

In this package, you get lifetime access to the full course and have your hands on the hardcopy and ebook copy of The Four Pillars of Singing. Moreover, you also get to enjoy private lessons with Robert Lunte himself.

If you’re in the Seattle area, Robert can teach you personally. But if you live in other countries or states, the private lessons will take place via Skype.

For this package, you have two options: Course + Book + 1 Private Lesson ($349) and Course + Book + 2 Private Lessons ($499.) For these prices, you can enjoy a savings of $150 and $350 respectively.


Private Classes

If you have already taken the full course but want to know more about singing from Robert, private classes are the best option that you have. If you’re in Seattle, you can do this class in person. For people in other parts of the world, Robert conducts virtual voice lessons.

For this option, you will be charged by the hour. A 1-hour package costs $250 while a 3-hour package is $700. You also have the option to choose a 6-hour package for $1300 and a 10-hour package for $1900.

What I Liked About the Four Pillars of Singing Course

I have explained all the things I liked about this course throughout this review. In this section, I want to highlight some of the best qualities that the course has. Here they are:


Simplified Content

What I like about this course is that it contains complex techniques but delivered in a simplified manner. I like how Robert simplified the techniques but was still able to provide comprehensive information about it.

For me, it is one of Robert’s greatest gift as a teacher—the ability to break down sophisticated music theories into simple lessons that everyone can understand.


Great Visual Teaching Style

And I am not yet done raving about Robert’s ingenious teaching style. Throughout the video lessons, I have watched him use sign languages to emphasize his point, and it does the job indeed.

Aside from that, he also uses visual aids with bullet points to highlight the key concepts that he is teaching. I found this to be highly useful, especially for visual learners like me!


Useful Demos

All of my pros are about Robert’s teaching style. Here’s another one—I like how he demonstrates how the theories and training routines are done.

For me, demos are the best way to teach singing styles and techniques, and that’s how Robert does it. Aside from showing you how it’s done, doing the demos himself helps singers to know that doing the theories are possible. You also get to see how effective they are.


What I Didn’t Like About the Four Pillars of Singing Course

But of course, this program is not entirely perfect. I do have some things that I did not like about it. Here are some of them:

Some of the lessons are a bit advanced for beginner students.

If you are new to singing, you may be a bit intimidated by some of the modules and contents in this vocal training course. For me, this is more suitable for intermediate to advanced vocal athletes and singers.


Private lessons are expensive.

If you are a newbie, you should start with a private session with Robert first. However, there is one issue with this option—the per hour rate of private classes is expensive.


It work-at-your-own-pace program.

When you avail of this program, you will not be given a deadline. You have lifetime access to it, which is good. However, this can be a disadvantage for some, since it does not pose any urgency. As a result, students who are not self-motivated will not have enough motivation to finish it.


What do Students think of The Vocalist Studio

Of course, you would want to know how other students are saying about the training program, right? That’s the best way to gauge the effectiveness of this course, after all.

Based on the glowing reviews that they have on their site, it appears that the students have a lot of great things to say about the program. Their websites are filled with positive reviews from both singers and vocal athletes, and most of them are already in the music industry.

According to most of the reviewers, the program helped them to have a better understanding of their vocal style and the techniques that suit them. They are also in awe of how specific, detailed, and properly organized the methodology is (which is precisely what I was raving about!).


Who Should Use It?

Are you wondering if this is the right online vocal training program for you? Based on my experience, I think this vocal training program is developed for:

Singers who want to improve on their craft

  • Voice athletes who want to belong in a community
  • Intermediate singers
  • Advanced singers
  • Vocal athletes who want to perform better
  • Vocal athletes looking for voice workouts and training routines that they can do daily
  • Singers who wish to be trained by the best
  • Aspiring voice coaches
  • Voice coaches who are continually developing and evolving their teaching methods
  • Voice coaches who want to enrich their singing knowledge
  • Voice coaches who want to help singers become better
  • Singers who want to master the Four Pillars of Singing
  • Singers who wish to expand their vocal range
  • Singers who wish to deepen their understanding of producing vocal effects
  • Vocal athletes who want to know how to bridge their vocal break
  • Vocal athletes who want to learn singing hard and fast
  • Vocal athletes who wish to have a better understanding of vocal techniques and singing styles


Conclusion –

Should you enroll in TVS and see for yourself what the TVS Four Pillars of Singing is all about? Do I recommend it? I certainly do! It is one of the most comprehensive vocal training courses that I have tried.

Moreover, this course is taught by an extremely experienced and highly respected vocal coach who has taught many of the voice coaches that we know today, including some of the voice coaches that you can watch in The Voice.

More than that, he has created a unique methodology that can help you improve your singing skills, and he will share that with you in this program.

The things that you will learn from his methodology is already enough for you to avail of the program. The bonus point is he will explain it to you in a manner that you can easily understand and apply!

If you want to know more about  The Vocalist Studio course, I highly suggest that you check their website and sign up for their subscriber list!