Christina Aguilera Masterclass Review

If you are a die-hard fan of Christina Aguilera like me, you may have heard of her Masterclass! If you’re tempted to sign up for this online singing program but are still doubtful whether or not it is worth it, let my simple review help you out!

Is this the online singing program that you need? What are the things you will learn from it? Is it worth investing in? These are some of the questions that we will answer in this Christina Aguilera Masterclass review.

If you’re ready, let’s get started!


Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass Review Summary

Christina Aguilera's Masterclass Vocal Class

Product: Christina Aguilera Masterclass

Product Description:  Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass is an online singing course where you can learn the art of singing from Christina Aguilera herself. In her first-ever singing masterclass, the 5 Grammy award-winning musician and The Voice star will share with you everything she has learned in her career—from basic singing tips to the professional singing tricks (and even a few of her life lessons!)

Course Duration: Work at your own pace (Recommended class schedule: 6 weeks)

Cost: $90 for an individual pass, $180 for an all-access pass

Best for: Beginners to expert singers and performers

Website: Masterclass com

Product Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


What is the Christina Aguilera Masterclass?

Masterclass courses are developed by David Rogier (director) and Aaron Rasmussen (film editor). These are online classes designed to help people in mastering their craft (singing, film editing, music production, and many more).

The classes are known for having authority figures from different facets of the art industry as their coaches or teachers. For their singing Masterclass, they have Christina Aguilera, a The Voice star, as the vocal coach.

Students and enthusiasts from all around the globe can use this platform to learn how to become better singers and performers by watching tutorial videos at their own pace using their tablets, computers, or mobile phones.


How it Works

Christina Aguilera S Masterclass is comprised of three components. These are as follows:


Lessons and Assignments

Same with the other singing programs you can find online, this Masterclass is also comprised of different video lessons that feature Christina Aguilera.

The program is made up of 23 video lessons. The videos are supported by a homework assignment and takeaway notes for each module.

We will tackle the contents of the videos in detail in the next section.



As mentioned, there is an assignment per video lesson, and that is what you will find in the workbook that comes with the course. The workbook contains a compilation of the chapter recaps and the module homework.

The workbook also has empty pages. This is because the developers of the program discovered from certain studies that students can recall more information if they can write it down. That’s what the pages are for.

The workbook will be sent to your email as a printable PDF.



After you are done listening and studying each video, check out the bottom portion of the lesson’s page. In there, you will find a discussion section.

In that section, you are free to ask questions, talk with other students, answer their questions, and share your lesson-related thoughts and comments.


What’s Inside the Course

There are a total of 23 video lessons in the Christina Aguilera S Masterclass. Since it is a work-at-your-own-pace program, you are free to go through the lessons depending on your convenience.

If things get a bit overwhelming for you, the developers have provided a suggested viewing schedule for the video lessons. Following the recommended schedule, you can be able to finish the program in just 6 weeks.

Now that we have straightened things out, it’s about time that we talk about the nitty-gritty of the soul of this program—the video content!

What can you learn from these? Here’s a sneak peek:


Video Lesson 1: Class Introduction

In the video, you will be welcome by Christina Aguilera into the course. Additionally, she will provide you with what to expect from the course, how each module will be carried out, and an overview of the entire course.

Aside from the introductions, the video also features the singer making some runs and improvising over piano music. Personally, I was in awe of her powerful voice, and I think that it’s brilliant that they included this scene in the music video as it can genuinely inspire aspiring singers!


Video Lesson 2: Christina’s Inspiration

I expected the vocal techniques lessons to start in the second video. It didn’t. The second video is about getting to know Christina Aguilera better as she talks about her inspirations in the industry. She also shares about how you can gather inspiration, tap into your emotions, and embrace your personality (flaws and all) so you can connect with your audience better.

The second video was a lot better than I expected, and it is the best follow up with the inspiration Christina left from the first video.


Video Lesson 3: Warming Up

Now we’re down to the brass tacks. As expected, she shared some of her favorite vocal warm-ups here. But more than that, what I found useful is she also shared some advice on how you can work out warm-ups into your singing schedule.

That module hit a little too close to home because I usually use not having enough time as an alibi to avoid warming up.

Video Lesson 4: Protecting Your Voice

As a professional singer, she is well aware that her voice is her moneymaker, and that’s why she tries to protect her voice as much as possible. She shares all the tips she knows and uses in this video. Moreover, she also shared some of her go-to cure for a strained voice.

As we get to know more about singing better, we also get to know more about her. Here, she revealed her love for drinks, which a lot of us can relate to!


Video Lesson 5: Vocal Range

I tried this program because I want to learn how to sing as powerfully as Christina (or at least as half as she does), and she tackled it in the fifth video! Spot on!

She talked about how performance anxiety or stage fright is the main reason why singers are not able to hit high notes and surprise—she shared some of the ways on how we can break through that fear.


Video Lessons 6 to 8: Student Sessions: Pop Music Style, Simplify, and Rock Music Style

The next three videos are a bit different than the last 5, as it shows her teaching a group of people in a class setting.

In these settings, she talked about how changing vocal placement and proper posture can elevate your stage performance. She also unveiled a vocal technique that can help any singer connect to their audience. Lastly, she talked about the vocal techniques that she uses to achieve her trademark gritty style.

Video Lesson 9: Diction

In this lesson, she taught about how to correctly pronounce and phrase lyrics, which I think a lot of singers would benefit from—including me!


Video Lesson 10: Vocal Techniques

In this video, she shares a step-by-step guide on how to master belting, harmony, vibrato, and slides.


Video Lesson 11: Playing with Textures and Tones

Christina’s here to help you take your singing skills into a whole new level, and this is one of the videos where she will show you how to do it. In here, she talked about her tones and texture in great detail. She even broke down some of her songs by line and spoke about why she chose the texture she uses in singing the lines.


Video Lessons 13: Duets Part 1 (Rehearsal Prep) and 2 (Perfecting the Performance)

Now, these videos are for those who want to be fantastic performers. In these two videos, she shared everything you need to know to achieve the perfect duet performance!


Video Lesson 14: The Beat

Here, you can learn how to develop your inner rhythm and experiment with it so you can inject your personal stamp in a performance.

The video also shows her playing with the beat and tempo in two of her songs, and she was terrific!


Video Lesson 15: Live Microphones

If you dream of being a star in live performances, this is one module you shouldn’t miss as you can learn different mic techniques in this module.


Video Lesson 16: Studio Microphones

If you’re a recording singer, she has something for you, too, since she also shared her studio microphones techniques in this module. She even allowed us to have a peek of how she recorded her song, “Beautiful.”


Video Lesson 17: Performance Anxiety

Yes, even experts like her get anxious before a stage performance. In this module, she shared the things she does to manage it.


Video Lesson 18: Singing It Live

Performing live can be nerve-wracking, and even though she’s an expert, Christina has her fair share of performance nightmare too. In this lesson, she shares advice on how to plan a live performance and how to manage things when it didn’t go as planned.


Video Lesson 19: Overcoming Mistakes

No matter how long she has been in the industry, there is still room for error. In this lesson, Christina talks about some of the biggest mistakes she made in her career and shared some mistakes advice on how to manage them.


Video Lesson 20: Advice to Artists

In this video, she dived more in-depth into the artist’s life and talked about schedule tips, how to handle criticisms, and many more!


Video Lesson 21: Self-Expression

Here, she encourages you to find their voice and express opinions and show people who you are—not only as an artist but also as a person.


Video Lesson 22: Christina’s Journey

This is where you will get to know more about Christina as an artist and her journey to stardom—including the struggles, challenges, and all the lessons she has learned throughout the years.

This is my favorite module since it made Christina more relatable and the fact that she was able to talk about her struggles reminded me that everyone deals it and anyone can be able to overcome it.


Video Lesson 23: Closing

This is the perfect ending to a fantastic course. In this module, she encourages her student to take the next step and follow your dreams! It was indeed an inspiring video!


How Does it Compare to Other Courses

I will say this again and again. One of the reasons why I tried this Masterclass is because it is taught by an expert—Christina Aguilera herself! That fact alone is enough to say that this program is a step above all the other singing courses you can find online.

Bias aside, I was amazed at the contents of this course and how well developed the program is. Here are some of the other reasons why I think it is better than most online singing programs:


The Masterclass allows you to learn from Christina’s experience.

When I say that having Christina teaching this class means that it is a great course, I do not just say that because I am a fan. I say that because while going through her course, I realize that the program didn’t just focus on the generic “how to sing” lessons.

They provide more value than that. In this course, Christina shared some of the lessons that she has learned from being in the music industry for years. This means that you will discover nuggets of wisdom and trade secrets that Christina learned for years.

With the things that she shared in her course, you can be able to avoid career mistakes and learn practices that will take other people years to learn and understand.


The Masterclass has a sense of community.

I know that the course outline matters a lot, and you can find a lot of online singing programs that have great content. However, most of them miss out on the fact that it is essential for newbie singers and people who wish to pursue a singing career to have that sense of belongingness. In this course, they can have that.

Aside from the video lessons, the course also comes with a discussion forum where all students can share their thoughts, get feedback and comments, and ask questions.


Christina Aguilera Masterclass Pricing

All Masterclasses come in two plans—the individual pass and all-access pass. With the individual pass, you can only get access to a single course. For example, you will only get to get access to Christina Aguilera s Masterclass and nothing else. The cost of this pass is $90. If you want to avail of another type of Masterclass, you will have to shell out another $90.

On the other hand, the all-access pass gives you access to all Masterclass courses available. In addition to Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass, you can also study Art and Magic from Penn & Teller, Film Scoring from Hans Zimmer, and many more. For this pass, you will only have to pay $180.


Our Experience with the Singing Program

If I’ll be truthful, I tried it because it’s Christina Aguilera! I mean, how can you just let that opportunity pass, right? But as I go through the course, I got hooked! I was no longer in it just for Christina. I honestly enjoyed the program!

To share with you my Aguilera S Masterclass experience,  here are some of the things that I liked and didn’t like about it!


What I Liked About the Course:


Taught by an expert

Well, Christina is the very reason why I took the course in the first place! A lot of online classes are taught by vocal teachers who are knowledgeable about singing techniques and teaching about them.

However, only a few of them can put their knowledge into practice. With this course, you can get the knowledge from someone who is living it regularly.


Amazing audiovisuals

I’m a visual person, and I learn better when the video is of high quality, and oh boy, the program did not disappoint! I know Masterclass courses are known for producing the best tutorial videos, but I didn’t expect them to be that good!

Every video has amazing audiovisuals and cinematography, which made the course a lot more engaging and appealing for me. For me, that’s the icing on top of the cake for this course.


Great teaching approach

The way Christina delivered the lessons is impressive! When you watch the video, you will feel like she is talking to you as a friend and not as a student. Because of this, every module feels as if it is customized specially for you.


Next-level discussion community

As mentioned, the course comes with a discussion community at the end of each module. Well, there’s more to it! Aside from the discussion community, Christina also created a private Facebook group for everyone who took the course.

This provides you with a platform where you can meet like-minded people, establish connections in the music industry, and give you that sense of community you can’t get from other courses.


Intensive course outline

This program tackles a wide array of lessons, ranging from the basics of singing (great for beginners) to vocal range expansion (intermediate singers) to performance tips (professional singers).


What I Didn’t Like About the Course:


Work-at-your-own-pace schedule

For someone like me, who isn’t self-motivated, this kind of schedule can become an issue. It can be easy to skip lessons or stop taking the course since there’s no supervision and an urgent deadline.

Luckily though, they have provided a proposed schedule that allowed me to discover how to go about the course with ease.


Who Should Use It?

As I have mentioned, Christina Aguilera s Masterclass is probably one of the most thorough and intensive. When they developed this singing program, there is no doubt that they designed it with singers in all music genres at all music skill levels in mind. It has universal lessons about how to sing correctly. But more than that, it has lessons that will be highly beneficial for people who want to pursue singing as a career.

With that in mind, this course is recommended for you if:

  • You want to become a better singer.
  • You wish to be a better performer.
  • You have enough time, motivation, and energy to see the course through.
  • You want to learn from the expert.
  • You want to pursue singing as a career.
  • You want to sing properly.
  • You want to know how to perform live.
  • You are a live performer.
  • You are a pop or rock singer.
  • You want to master live performances.
  • You want to manage your stage fright.
  • You want to rock the stage.


Will it Make You a Better Singer?

Based on the reviews I have read and my personal experience, I can say that Aguilera s Masterclass can make you a better singer. The course contains all the information you need to know to sing and perform better.

But, of course, you can only be able to become a better singer if you will take advantage and consume all of the contents of this singing course.

So to answer your question, this course has all the information you need to become a better singer. However, it is only by investing your time and effort in actually studying all its contents will you become a better singer.



The big question remains—is this masterclass worth investing in? My answer is a resounding, yes! As you go through this Christina Aguilera Masterclass review of mine, you may have already figured out that I love it!

I have already mentioned my reasons why I love it (i.e., Great course outline, fantastic community, the best videos, and versatile and intensive content) in my review. But let me give you my biggest reason—the course is taught by a platinum-selling, 5-time Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter and The Voice star. If you have to learn how to sing, you have to learn it from the expert, right?