30 Day Singer Review

Improve your singing skills in just 30 days! This is the claim of the 30 Day Singer singing program. Is it true? Is it possible? Or is this all a scam?

I am a frustrated singer myself, and I am pretty sure you have the same burdens and struggles that I have. And just like you, I am looking for ways on how to enhance my singing voice, and I thought signing up for an online course is the best way to do that! 

While I was looking through the selection of online singing courses, I came upon 30 Day Singer. The first time I have heard about it, I thought that the name of the course is a bit gimmicky. I also thought that their claim is impossible. 

But when I found out who were the developers of this course, I got intrigued and gave it a try. If you’re wondering if this singing course is for you, this article will be able to help you out! In this comprehensive 30 Day singer review, I will share with you everything I have discovered and experienced about this course. Let’s get started!


30 Day Singer Review Summary

30 Day Singer Vocal Program

Product: 30 Day Singer Program

Product Description: 30 Day Singer is an online singing program that is designed to provide comprehensive information on how to improve singing skills. It is developed by the people behind the popular guitar tricks course, GuitarTricks com.

Course Duration: 30 days

30 Day Singer cost: $29.95 per month

Best for: Beginners to intermediate singers

Website: 30DaySinger com

Product Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


What is 30 Day Singer?

The 30 Day Singer is a singer program that claims to help you become a better performer in 30 days. This singing course is considered to be an excellent beginner course since it provides you different vocal techniques, strengthening techniques, warm-up tricks, and vocal health tips that can give you a jumpstart on your singer journey. 

This vocal training course is also designed for intermediate level singers as it is comprised of voice complexity tips, techniques tutorials, and superior singing method.

The course differs from other singing lessons in the sense that it does not promise to help you become a pro singer after 30 days.

As a vocal training program for beginners, its goal is to help you become a better singer by teaching you how to sing correctly. For intermediate level singers, it promises to help you to improve your singing voice further and offer more advanced performance training. 

To know more about this vocal training program, continue reading this 30 Day Singer review.


How it Works

What makes this course different from all of the other online singing platforms in the market is it does not just deliver you piles and piles of lessons that you will no longer need once you have achieved the level of singing that you wanted to get. Instead, it will give you access to a learning system that will grow and adapt with you as your skills develop.

Once you sign up for the program, you can gain access to video lessons. These voice video singing lessons for beginners are spearheaded by expert vocal coaches, musicians, artists, and vocal studies experts.

When you click on the courses for beginners, you will be given three instructor options—Jonathan Estabrooks, Jon Statham, and Camille van Niekerk. This is another unique thing with this program. 

Having three different instructors teaching the same level may seem like overkill. Based on my review of the course, having such an option comes with lots of benefits. These include:

  • For one, the gender of the teacher and the students can make a vast difference in the learning process. If you’re a woman, it would be easier for you to choose Camille as your teacher since you can produce the same tone and may experience the same gender-related singing problems. For guys, you can select between Jonathan and Jon.
  •  Also, different teachers have different teaching styles. And students may respond differently to various teaching styles too. By having instructor options, you can choose which instructor provides the style studies that work best for you.
  • Lastly, having three different instructors provide you the freedom to choose which instructor you trust and feel comfortable learning from. Keep in mind that student and teacher compatibility is essential, so having choices allows you to learn from the instructor that you like the most.


Course Contents

Of course, we can’t say that it is a comprehensive 30 Day Singer review program if we will not talk about the full content of the program. 

What’s inside the 30 Day Singer program? For the ultimate learning experience, the singing program is divided into three categories—30 Day beginner courses and lessons, advanced technique lessons, and bonuses. What can you learn from these modules? Let us tackle it in detail below:


Beginner Courses & Lessons

The 30 Day beginner courses run for 30 days (hence its name). Under this course, you can find 30 lessons—one lesson per each day for 30 days. Each beginner session offers a no-fluff and straight-to-the-point lessons on how to sing correctly.


Some of the specific lessons for beginners you can get from the module are as follows:

  • Vocal warm-up routines
  • Healthy vocal technique
  • Right singing posture
  • Proper breathing
  • Vocal anatomy
  • Cord compression
  • Chest, head, and mix voice
  • Voice range expansion
  • Tone
  • Troubleshooting
  • Belting
  • Vocal dynamics
  • Vocal Fry
  • Falsetto
  • Vibrato
  • Runs, turns and falls
  • Song analysis and interpretation
  • Phrasing and style
  • Management of stage nerves and fright
  • Stage presence
  • Performance tips

Based on the course’s outline, the beginner course contains well-rounded information that can help you master the singing basics and vocal technique. As a result, you will know how to sing correctly.

This beginner course is perfect for those who are just starting on their musical journey. But more than that, this may also serve as a refresher course for the seasoned singers who want to go back to the basics and correct any bad singing habits that they may have developed throughout the years. 


Advanced Techniques

Once you have mastered the basic singing techniques, you have reached the intermediate singing level! But please remember that the beginner course is just one of the many modules that the program offers. The assistance that you can get from 30 Day Singer provides does not end there.

The program also includes the second course—the Advanced Techniques course. This one is designed to help you perfect your craft and aims to pave the way to a professional singing career. The course also contains lessons that are specifically designed for different types of music genres. 

With that in mind, here are the specific lessons you can get from this course: 

  • Professional performance tips

This gives you a game plan on how to achieve perfect performance with high confidence.


  • Runs and embellishments

This class is created for those who want to develop runs from scratch and achieve the riffs and runs that their favorite artists can create.


  • Sing like the pop stars

In this class, you will learn the characteristics of different contemporary pop styles and advice on how to do it.


  • Singing with Style

Here, Reagan James from “The Voice” will share secrets on how to copy the singing style techniques of your favorite female singers like Ella Fitzgerald, Adele, and Amy Winehouse. For the male counterpart, the class will be taught by Jon Statham.


  • How to Sing Classical, Country, R&B, A Capella, Pop, and Christmas Songs

If you want to explore different musical genres or you want to specialize or be an expert in a specific genre, these are the classes to check out!


  • How to Belt, Sing Higher, and Sing Lower

These classes can teach you how to extend your vocal range further, boost your low notes, improve your vocal power, and produce powerful notes!


  • Perform like a Pro

This class will equip you with the warm-up methods and other strategies that you need to perform in front of an audience.


  • How to Sing and Play Instruments (at the same time)

If you want to master how to sing and play the piano or strum the ukulele at the same time, these are the classes you need to take.


  • How to Sing in your signature style

If you want to differentiate yourself from other music artists like David Bowie or Freddie Mercury and the likes, this is the class you should try. Here, you will learn how to develop your signature sound and style and inject it into your performances.



Aside from the two modules that we have mentioned, the program also offers two bonus modules—Warm-ups & Vocal Health and Singing Tricks & Techniques. 

In the Singing Tricks and Technique module, you can discover critical information on how to master essential singing methods like pitch and intonation, vibrato, phrasing, better tone, belting, finding your breath, breath control, harmonizing, range extension, and tone qualities. 

On the other hand, the Warm-ups and Vocal Health module offers daily practice, vocals exercises, and warm-up routines for advanced singers, beginners, and performers. Also, it will provide you information on how to remove vocal strain and to avoid bad vocal technique.


30 Day Singer Free Trial

Aside from the fantastic 30 Day Singer review comments that this program has received, the main reason why a lot of people are trying out this online singing course is because of the 30 Day Singer Free Trial offer that comes with it. 

In the 30DaySinger com, you will see the 30 Day Singer trial page. It is a sign-up page where you can key in your email address, name, and other relevant information. It also comes with the company’s terms of service and policy.

After signing up for the 30 Day Singer 14 Day Free Trial, you will gain access to all the content of the website, which will only be effective for 14 days. If you liked the contents of the course, you would need to sign up and avail of the 30 Day course that they are offering so you can continue learning how to improve your singing abilities! 

Get access to the 30-Day Singer 14-Day Free Trial


Our Experience with 30 Day Singer

In all honesty, I have tried different singing programs online, but this one captured my attention when I found out that its developers are the same people who created Guitar Tricks. It is an online platform that teaches people how to perform guitar tricks. I have amazing feedback about that program, so I thought I would give this one a try. And oh boy, it did not disappoint.

 To make my 30 Day Singer review as comprehensive as possible, and answer your questions as much as I can, let me give you my list of the pros and cons of the program.


What I Liked:

Access to three instructors

As mentioned, the 30 Day Singer Beginner course is taught by three different instructors. I love this uncommon yet very logical idea.

What I did is I watched all of the video tutorial lessons of each instructor. Based on how their teaching style, I discovered that they have different strengths. One of them is better in tackling certain topics as compared to the other instructors. 

Knowing all the sets, I tried mixing and matching the teachers. I would watch some videos taught by Camille and others taught by Jon or Jonathan. My suggestion is that you do the same so you can know which coach has the instructor style that works best for you.


Teaches singing fundamentals in a straightforward and engaging manner

I believe that the course is a great starting point for an aspiring singer. Not only is this vocal training program jam-packed with all the essentials a singer should know, but it also talks about the basics in a way that is easy to understand.

The beginner module is broken down into easy and doable steps, so any newbie can grasp the tips and knowledge that the program provides. I also like how engaging and interactive the videos are. Indeed, it is an effective way to learn!


Well-structured and goal-oriented

Most singing programs will just provide you with video tutorials with no outline telling you where to start, what to do next, and when you should finish. 

30 Day Singer is well-structured in the sense that the modules are categorized based on the current singing skill level that you have. Moreover, it is goal-oriented merely because it facilitates you to accomplish a goal—to produce significant improvements in your singing skills in 30 days.


Comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee

The program is known for its Free 14-day trial, but one more thing that gives this an edge over other singing lessons is its 30-day moneyback guarantee. If you did not learn any new singing techniques or notice improvements in your skills, you could get your money back.


User-friendly interface

The downfall of most online programs is their interface. The most common problem with other singer platforms is their navigation. That’s not a problem with the 30 Day Singer program. Their interface is pretty straightforward, and you can quickly figure out how to use their platform without any instructions. 

In addition to this, the video quality of the modules and classes are amazing!


Expert instructors

The instructors of the lessons include famous vocal instructors, award-winning performers, musical talents, singers, and songwriters. With their knowledge and experience in the industry, you are sure that they know what they are teaching.

But aside from their in-depth knowledge of the craft, what amazed me the most is their teaching style. They have different methods, of course, but all of them exerted effort in keeping the lessons as engaging and understandable as possible.


Lots of perks

Aside from the two bonus modules, there are two more perks that you can enjoy when you sign up for this program.

For one, you can gain access to a live lesson with the instructor of your choice. During this lesson, you can talk with your coach through a video call. 

Another perk that you can enjoy is gaining access to the 30 Day Singer forum where you can have an open discussion and exchange insights with the other students of the platform.


What I Didn’t Like:

Monthly subscription fee

The biggest issue for me is the 30-day singer cost. The 30 day singer price is $29.95, which is considered to be quite affordable. But please take note that it is a monthly subscription fee. This means that you will be shelling that amount every month instead of a one-time payment.

Because of this, the 30 Day Singer cost is considered higher than most courses.


Not for those who want to dive deeper into a specific music genre (especially Jazz and the likes)

Yes, it’s true that the advanced technique module on how to sing specific music genres. However, only one class is allotted to each genre. Because of this, it might not be enough to provide you everything you need to master those singing styles.

Plus, the classes only tackle classical, R & B, A Capella, Country, and Pop. However, it does not tackle Jazz, Bossa Nova, and many others.


Who Should Use It?

Are you wondering if the 30 Day Singer program is for you? Well, this section may help you answer that question!

Based on my experience and the different 30 Day Singer review comments, and considering the content of the course’s modules, I can say that this course is developed for the benefit of those who: 

  • Aim to be better vocalists.
  • Require a straightforward, organized, and properly structured singing course.
  • Want to develop and improve their singing skills as fast as possible.
  • Wish to improve their tone, control, and pitch.
  • Are having issues hitting high notes.
  • Want to enhance their vocal range.
  • Dream of singing like their favorite artist.
  • Desire to boost their confidence and improve their singing posture
  • Plan to become professional singers
  • Wish to know more about the singing basics
  • Are already good singers but wishes to perfect their craft
  • Want to perfect their pitch
  • Plan to join a choir
  • Want to correct any singing mistakes that they are committing

If you are one of these people, you may want to consider availing of the 30 Day Singer course.


Will it make you a better singer?

After my in-depth review of the course, my answer to this is pretty straightforward—yes. With the program’s easy-to-follow structure and design, you can follow and study the course hassle-free. But of course, the program’s outline will be put into waste if you will not spend time studying it.

With that in mind, let me rephrase my answer—yes, the course contains information that can make you a better singer. However, that can only happen if you will exert effort not only in studying it but also if you put into practice what you have learned. 

If you will invest your time and effort in this program, then congratulations! There is no doubt that you will be able to be a better singer in 30 days or more. Your commitment is the key to your success.



There are a lot of online singing lessons in the market today, but a lot of people are interested in the 30 Day Singer course. So is this course worth trying? Can it help you become a better singer?

Based on the information on this 30 Day Singer review I have created for you, I can say that it is worth trying. The course comes with a 14-day free trial that will allow you to get the feel and explore its content. In this way, you can address any doubts or concerns you may have about the program. After that, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you should avail of the course. In short, there is no risk involved. 

Since the trial is free and does not come with any commitment, I say go for it! You get to try the course for free and with no strings attached while the developers are allowed to show you what the course can give you. I say it’s a win-win for all, right?

I have shared everything you need to know about this singer platform. If you want to know more about it, check out 30daysinger com!

Have you tried this program? If so, please share your 30 Day Singer review with us in the comments section!