5 Best Online Singing Lessons & Courses

Do you love to sing but hate how your voice sounds? Have you never belted out on a karaoke because you’re incredibly conscious of how you sound? Do you have a pretty good singing voice, but you want to boost your singing power further?

If you are not blessed with a great singing voice, you would be happy to know there is one affordable, readily available, and effective way to level up your singing skills? Yes, there is! Online singing courses!

Indeed, nothing beats personally working with a singing teacher but online programs have become popular because of how convenient and effective they are. But of course, the success of these lessons will rely on the quality of programs that you will choose.

But don’t you worry! We are here to help you find the best vocal lessons online for your needs. Whether you’re a complete novice looking to get singing lessons for beginners, or you’re more of an intermediate or advanced singer… it doesn’t matter, each of the courses accommodate for your skill level.

As long as you’re excited to find your voice and unleash its potential, then let’s get started!


Let’s Talk Singing!

As mentioned, there are already plenty of online vocal lessons that you can choose from. Sadly, there are way too many to the point that it has been challenging to determine which online singing lesson is the best option for you.

To help you weed out the good from the bad, we have compiled what are considered to be the best voice courses offered online today. Moreover, we will also provide pertinent knowledge along with a few recommendations to help you find the best lessons for your needs. Let’s get started!


Best Online Singing Lessons – Top 5

  • 30 Day Singer
  • Christina Aguilera Masterclass
  • The Vocalist Studio
  • Singorama 2.0
  • Superior Singing Method


30 Day Singer

#1 Offers 14-day free trial

30 Day Singer Vocal Program

Get access to the 30-Day Singer 14-Day Free Trial

General Information

When I first heard about the 30day Singer com, I thought their name is too tacky and, to be honest, a little bit too gimmicky. But when I discovered that the team behind this course and the Guitar Tricks program is one and the same, I was intrigued to check it out.

Before I share my thoughts on the course outline, I would like to shed light on the singer program’s name. The 30 Day in the 30daysinger com is not a promise to turn you into a professional singer in just 30 days. By 30 Day, they mean that you can notice a significant improvement in your singing ability in only 30 days (as long as you follow the provided steps consistently and regularly!).

As it turns out, the company that created these courses is popular for lots of good reasons! I checked out their course outline, and it features four types of courses designed to help you go from a zero to a hero in just a matter of weeks!

We’ve done a thorough review of this course, which you can find here: 30 Day Singer Review.

Each course is created for a specific singing skill level. First, they have the 30-day Beginner Course, which talks about music theory along with basic singing techniques like posture, breath control exercises, warm-ups, and many more.

It is then followed by the Style Studies Course, which will teach you how to develop your signature sound. This course will help you learn how to copy and achieve the singing styles of your favorite artists.

The third is the Advanced Vocal Techniques Course that is perfect for the intermediate singer. In here, you will learn the techniques you need to boost further your singing skills—pitch belting, vocal range extension, vocal exercises. and many more.

Lastly, they have the Performance Training course, which is perfect for the aspiring singers who want to build their confidence. In this course, the experts shared their techniques on how to prepare for a performance and calm stage nerves.

Aside from the jam-packed modules, what I love the most about the entire course is that their step-by-step procedure is easy to follow. All you need to do is listen to one lesson in a day, and practice the singing technique you will learn from the lessons. It’s that simple!



14-day free trial – Then $29.95/ month or $129/ year


Course Timeframe

30 days



–      Moneyback guarantee within 30 days

–      Guaranteed results in as fast as 30 days

–      Comes with a 14-day free trial offer

–      There is an online forum where you can ask questions and talk with other voice students

–      Recommended for beginner to intermediate singers

–      Easy-to-follow course schedule



–      Monthly or yearly subscription fees instead of one-time payment

–      More expensive than other classes



Christina Aguilera Masterclass

#2 Another Great Singing Program

Christina Aguilera's Masterclass Vocal Class

General Information

Here’s another online singing lesson that is brought to you by the expert online class maker—Masterclass.

We’ve written a full review of Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass here.

As if it is not enough that the producer of the course is a reliable and reputable company, this course is taught by no other than Christina Aguilera herself! How crazy is that, right? But of course, we have to set our fanaticism aside to make sure that we will review this class objectively, right? To do this, I decided to focus on the course outline and nothing else!

The course is comprised of 23 video lessons with a total duration of 3 hours and 43 minutes. In the first two lessons, you will learn more about the singing teacher and her inspiration.

The third to fifth lessons are about vocal range, protecting your voice, and warm ups.

The next three videos are student practice sessions that show Christina teaching voice students about pop and rock style, and how to connect to the audience emotionally.

In the ninth to the eleventh video, Christina talks about diction, different vocal exercises and techniques, and playing with tones and textures.

The next two videos are all about doing a duet.

The fourteenth video shares tips on how to find your rhythm, and the next two videos talk about mic techniques.

The seventeenth to twentieth videos are dedicated to helping the students to become a singing sensation as it talks about live singing performances, performance anxiety, overcoming mistakes, and many more!

For the finale, the last two videos feature Christina’s journey to singer stardom, which will surely be a great learning experience for you and will leave you inspired and motivated.

What I like most about this course is that its video lessons are short, easy to understand, packed with knowledge, and engaging! Additionally, each video lesson comes with a downloadable workbook.


$15/ month (billed annually)


Course Timeframe

3 hours and 43 minutes.



–      Taught by a well-known professional singer and songwriter!

–      Great for Christina Aguilera fans

–      Lifetime access

–      Affordable monthly subscription

–      Production-level videos

–      Has a mobile app



–      Annual billing



The Vocalist Studio

The Vocalist Studio Classes

Get access to The Vocalist Studio

General Information

The Vocalist Studio singing course is a one-of-a-kind vocal method created by the experienced and famous voice teacher Robert Lunte.

The whole course is comprised of 170 theoretical lessons with corresponding quizzes along with 500 videos and audio training content, and 62 vocal exercises that can help anyone to improve their singing abilities, boost breath support, and practice their vocal cords!

Aside from Robert’s unique approach on online voice classes, the thing that makes this course a great one is its versatility. It is one of the few programs that are offering various packages so they can cater to everyone, regardless of how much time and money they can be able to invest in learning. The course comes in four packages.

The first package is the online course alone, which comes with lifetime access to online recordings and video lessons.

The second package is Course + Book. In addition to the lifetime access to online videos, you will also receive a hardcopy (signed by Robert Lunte himself) and e- book.

The third package is the Course + Book + 1 Lesson. In addition to the inclusions of the second package, you are also entitled to a 1-hour live or Skype lesson with your online coach. If you avail of this package, you can enjoy a discount worth $150.

Lastly, they also have the Course + Hardcopy + 3 Lesson package. Instead of enjoying only one live or skype lesson, you get to have three lessons! With this package, you can save $350.



$199 to $499


Course Timeframe

Depends on the type of course you will choose



–      Taught by an award-winning vocal expert

–      Specialized workouts for guys and girls

–      Various packages available

–      Private lessons are available (in Seattle)

–      Lifetime access to recordings

–      Lessons come with quizzes for tracking progress

–      Real-time support chat with Robert Lunte



–      Per session rate is expensive



Singorama 2.0

Singorama 2 Voice Classes

Get access to Singorama 2.0 

General Information

Here’s another hit online voice lesson created by an expert in the vocal coaching industry. Singorama 2.0 was developed by Melanie Alexander, an amazing vocal coach and member of an Australian girl band with 4 songs that made it to the Top 50 charts in Australia.

This course is different than the rest in the sense that they are all audio lessons—not video lessons. In addition, it also has the most comprehensive list of lessons available. It has 28 audio lessons that talk about almost everything you need to know about singing—the singing basics, performance practices, breathing exercises, bad habits to avoid, pitch, control, tone, vocal range, singing career tips, and a whole lot more.

It also includes lots of lessons about advanced singing techniques like mastering the difficult high tones, gaining extra octave or arpeggios, band performance tips, and the likes.

What surprised me the most about this course is that it comes with software that can help you track your progress. Moreover, you can also avail of a mini-course that will allow you to determine if the program is a good fit for you.



$97 (digital download) and $299.95 (physical product)


Course Timeframe

Depends on your pace



–      Comes with special corrective software

–      60-day moneyback guarantee

–      Affordable

–      Huge library of audio lessons

–      Offers free mini singing course

–      Variety of bonus tools



–      No easy payment plan offered

–      No video lessons



Superior Singing Method

Superior Singing Method

General Information

The Superior Singing Method was developed by Aaron Anastasi, a singer, and vocal coach. His goal is to show everyone that anyone can become a good singer, even if they have a natural talent or not.

Similar to all the other singing lessons online, this course will teach people the basics of singing and all the different techniques that can help you become a better singer. The unique takeaway from this course is the one-of-a-kind vocal and ear training classes and warm-up methods and vocal exercises that were personally curated by Aaron for years.

What I liked most about Aaron’s course is the short duration of the video. Even though the video online lessons took only a few minutes, they are jam-packed with information. Above all, the lessons are easy to understand, especially for beginners.

According to Aaron, you can be able to improve your singing abilities with only 10 to 15 minutes of practice daily. If you are not satisfied with the lessons, you will be happy to know that the course comes with a 60-day moneyback guarantee!



$97 (one-time payment) or $39.95 (three-time payment)


Course Timeframe:

Depends on your pace



–      Comes with special bonuses that are worth up to $119

–      Unique vocal exercises

–      60-day moneyback guarantee

–      Ear and vocal training

–      Short video lessons

–      Recommended for beginners



–      Boring teaching style

–      Low video production quality




Choosing from the 5 best online singing lessons that we talked about in the previous section is not an easy feat. That’s because each course offers a unique approach to singing lessons. They also provide different principles and vocal exercises that a lot of us can benefit from.

But of course, I need to choose. And for me, it’s a tie! My picks are the 30 Day Singer online vocal lesson and Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass.

I chose the 30 Day Singer course because, first of all, it has a 14-day free trial, which is perfect for people who are not sure if the program is an excellent match for them. In this way, you will have a sneak peek of what the course is about without shelling out money. This is a big plus for people who are on a budget. Let us also not forget about the fact that the lessons are easy to follow, and the course also has a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

On the other hand, I also recommend Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass simply because it is a collaboration between experts. It is a project between the makers of Masterclass (who are known for their fantastic ability to create useful and practical lessons online) and Christina Aguilera (one of the authorities in the singing industry!). Aside from the information that the videos contain, I am amazed by the production quality of the videos, making the lessons seem more reliable and professional.



If you still have a few questions about this type of voice lessons, allow us to help you out! Here are some of the answers that you would like to know!


Can I learn singing online?

The answer to this is plain and simple—yes! There are plenty of ways on how you can

learn to sing in the internet. You can watch YouTube tutorials or work with a singing

teacher or watch video lessons or listen to audio recordings that were prepared by the authorities in the vocal coaching world.

As long as you make practicing these techniques and vocal exercises a routine, you can learn and master the basics of singing, which can help improve your voice!


How can I sing better in 30 days?

You can do lots of things that can help you improve your voice in just 30 days. These include familiarizing yourself with proper singing techniques, correct throat warm-up methods, bad habits to stop, and performing vocal exercises regularly.


What is an online singing course?

These lessons work the same way as the traditional ones. The only difference between the two is the platform.

Traditionally, you will be learning face-to-face with your instructor. With the voice lessons online, you will be talking with your voice teacher via a video call. But the lessons and techniques are one and the same.


What are the benefits of using an online singing program?

Plenty of people are turning to online voice lessons to hone and improve their voice. This is because of the amazing benefits that it offers. These are as follows:


More Voice Teachers Options

Since you are taking advantage of the Internet platform, your choice of music teachers will no longer be limited by geography. As a result, you have a broader pool of potential voice teachers to choose from, which gives you more opportunity to find a teacher with an extensive professional singing background and would be a perfect match for your singing style and vocal range.


Time and Energy Efficient

Since you will be taking lessons right at the comforts of your own home, you no longer need to dress up and travel to and from a voice school. This can help you save about 30 minutes to 1 hour.


More Affordable

Most web voice teachers hold their training sessions in their homes or office. Since they do not have to shell out rent for their offices, they generally charge a lot lower than traditional voice training classes.


Opportunity to Record Lessons

Since lessons are held online, you have the option to record them. With these recordings, you can easily review your lessons, check to see if you are applying them right or to track your progress.


Top Considerations to Keep in Mind When Choosing Online Singing Lessons

Because of the various benefits that online singing classes provide, they have become extremely popular, which resulted in more online lessons being offered. By keeping the following considerations in mind, you can find which is the best singing lessons for your needs:



What is the reputation of your online vocal coach? What do people who he previously coached tell about him? Is he effective? Is he known to be an expert instructor on singing? Does he deliver on his promises? What is his experience in teaching singing lessons?


Since there’s no free trial when it comes to vocal lessons, the next best thing that

you can do is look a little more closely at the coach’s reputation. You

can do this by reading the reviews of his previous students.


Skill level

How well the course will go will depend on the skills and experience of your voice instructor. To determine this, it is always a great idea to find out more about the voice teacher’s educational background, relevant qualifications, and his knowledge about music theory.


In addition, you may also want to take a look at their portfolio, putting important consideration on how long they have been in business and how many students they have already coached. Again, previous student reviews would tell you a lot about the teacher’s skill level.



Before you go shopping for online lessons, you must do your research first with regards to the prevailing singing lesson costs and fees, then establish a reasonable budget based on it.

In this way, you are sure that you will be able to avail of quality vocal lessons without spending too much money on it.



You can find online coaches who are providing a guarantee for their services. Finding lessons that are protected by a warranty is critical to ensure that you will get the best value for your money. Moreover, the guarantee offer is one great way to determine how confident the instructor is with the quality of lessons that he is offering.